Developer description

SimpleStage is a platform for freelancers and agencies to collect content, website feedback, and design feedback. The software is designed to support your business through every stage of the website creation process - limiting the back-and-forth and helping you increase your productivity. With SimpleStage, you have a single source of truth for your communication with clients.

- Design feedback tools allow you to upload designs and submit them to stakeholders and clients for review. Upon receipt, collaborators are encouraged to provide feedback by placing comments and using built in visual annotation tools to “mark up” the designs.

- Content collection tools allow you to upload designs and mark areas of the design which require content. Content fields are added by clicking the design, configuring the field to collect the appropriate content (ex: Text 300 character max, Image JPEG only). Content collection is then assigned to the client or copywriting team to provide content.

- Website feedback and bug tracking tools allow you to add a script to any website that will add an interactive set of feedback collection tools to the website. This allows collaborators to create bugs and provide feedback without leaving the website. The web tools allow you to designate specific areas and “mark up” on top of the website to provide additional context to your feedback.

SimpleStage was built to solve the challenges facing digital marketing agencies. Clients need a single easy to use platform where they can collaborate with their agency partners and SimpleStage aims to give them the tools they need to collaborate more effectively and more efficiently.

Last updated 3 Feb 2022

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