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Simplicant is a next-generation SaaS recruiting platform that helps companies engage and acquire ... More

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Published 1 Mar 2012

If you are looking for a job analytics application to make sure you have access to the best talent available out there it would be hard to go past Simplicant. This excellent array of employment tools is a next generation cloud based app that gives you a fast and cost effective way of finding the right people available via a social recruitment program that includes full applicant tracking and interview management as well as detailed analytics to back it up.
Simplicant is a next-generation software as a service recruiting platform that helps companies attract, manage and recruit the right candidates in the socially connected world. It can optimize the speed & cost per hire of talent  with cloud-based social recruiting It also includes tools for applicant tracking, interview management, reporting and marketing of jobs to various job boards and social networks. Attracting the right people to your company requires an approach that works. The fact is, these days, that social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are where talented people hang-out and discover new opportunities through their colleagues, friends, friends of friends and so on. With Simplicant, you can easily share your jobs with people in your social networks with an easy-to-use interface for job sharing that allows you to selectively target or broadcast to contacts. Equally, you are fully equipped to engage potential candidates in your talent community and communicate with them directly through internal messaging. Analytically, you can use detailed reporting and insights to improve the overall effectiveness of your hiring processes.
Simplicant is a recruitment platform that keeps you ahead of the game and have the best recruiting capabilities available to you with powerful and intuitive features. It helps you turn your recruitment into a strategic team activity with contributions from the entire team and the intuitive dashboard provides a quick, visual overview of the key hiring metrics. Since Simplicant tracks everything, it is easy to monitor the impact of each activity, see what works and take the necessary actions to make improvements to continuously improve the effectiveness of your overall hiring process. If you are quick there is a free trial on now.

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