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Published 12 Jan 2015

Over the years, the FeedMyApp review team has reviewed 1000's of apps - many of which have gone some way to making our lives simpler and easier. Business apps, in particular, have gone from strength to strength during this time, but have changed slightly over the period. In the early days of the app revolution, great innovation tended to pave the way but, of late, the emphasis has been on simplicity of use rather than groundbreaking lightbulb moments. This year there has been a plethora of CRMs aimed primarily at the freelancer or small business owner that have tried to encourage them to use one central platform to organize all of their business matters. Simplifyd is one to add to the list. It's simple to use, easy to understand and has pretty much everything the small business needs to run its day to day business and maximize its potential - with everything under the one roof to make it easier.
Simplifyd's aim is to support individuals and small teams and help them to better manage their communications, their finances and the relationships that matter most to their business. From one platform, users can see all of their latest interactions with customers, produce and send invoices, manage their team and - thanks to an integrated calendar and a comprehensive 'to-do' list - plan better for the future.  Easily generate all your invoices and estimates and view your money dashboard to get an overview of the amounts coming in and going out. Use the calendar to schedule reminders to help keep all your payments on track. You can send files, messages, photos and PDF’s directly and integrate documents from Google Drive to stay in control of your communications - via both the customer's and your team's timelines. The address book and pipeline tools capture and monitor new opportunities and, with an easy to navigate interface and real time syncing, it’s easy to access and keep up to date - even when you’re away from the office and on your mobile phone or tablet. You can also integrate Simplifyd with your favorite apps and access your Drive account directly while accepting payments through either your PayPal or Stripe accounts.
If you are after a simple and effective Customer Relationship Management app to help organize your business it's hard to go past Simplifyd. For the freelancer or small business, this smooth running and very user-friendly set of tools has just about everything you need to run things effectively. Many new small businesses these days dabble a little and already use some of the features here but then spend ages wrestling to integrate them with others. Simplifyd has all the features you will need in one place - making them work in unison quite beautifully. At present, the app is in public beta mode and no prices have been published but, if it is priced competitively, the app will have a fair slice of the pie when it becomes universally available. If you're looking for a set of tools that allow you to invoice clients and manage your sales and project pipelines as well as visualizing your business health then this is the CRM app for you. The developers are constantly working on improvements and are planning to add new features as their community grows so it might be well worth getting in on the ground floor of this excellent CRM - especially new start-ups. Simplifyd has arranged a special offer for FeedMyApp readers who will receive a 90 day free trial as opposed to the usual 30 day one if they use the promo code 'Feed90.'

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