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Published 2 Jun 2012

Simply Declare adds one more trick to the clever and diligent traveler's bag of goodies with this budget and shopping application for iOS that shows you how much money you are shelling out in your own currency when you buy that rug in Morocco on your holidays. It also encourages you to work out how much tax you are going to have to hand over when you get all your goodies home. Simply Declare is a simple to use app that helps you keep a track of all your purchases and see if you've overspent or not.
Are you a savvy traveler? Simply Declare allows you to enter your travel purchases for declaring them back in your home country for duty purposes. Simply Declare is an iOS app that allows you to add, update and manage your travel purchases. It magically updates currencies in real time and automatically converts your purchase currency price into your home currency price. Calculate prices before you commit to a sale. The app even lets you set a limit on your spending and keeps on deducting the amount of your new purchases from your original set spending limit so you know where your financial situation sits at any given time. When you are traveling you now have a way of tracking the purchases you need to declare to your home country for duty purposes and more. Simply Declare's currency list is constantly updated with the very latest currency rates. You can move from country to country and keep adding your purchases to your roster. If you are tired of keeping receipts for price guarantee or just for the record, why not take a picture of it for safekeeping. If the price changes or there is something wrong with your purchase, you have a copy of your receipt for adjustment or proof of purchase.
Simply Declare is a very useful companion for the  traveler with it's real time currency converter and duty calculator. It's simple to use, looks good and gives you a more efficient way of holding onto your receipts and tracking your spending while traveling overseas. It will also encourage you to work out the allowable duty free amounts you are allowed in your country so you can adjust your buying frenzy accordingly. Here is a travel app that could well be a very useful acquisition when you get home and are told by customs that all those gifts of perfume and liquor are going to set you back a fair bit more than you thought they would.

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