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Published 17 Sep 2011

It's really all about making a sale in the long run, isn't it? So how do you optimize your chances of making that sale for the best possible price? Fax marketing is a very cost effective way of getting your message across to as many potential customers as possible and SimplyCast Fax Marketing makes it easy for anyone to create one message and send it to thousands of fax numbers all at the same time.
SimplyCast is a marketing tool that allows you to do far more than the usual fax marketing survey encouraging a lasting business relationship with your customers. Using SimplyCast eliminates the need for manual feeding and dialing as one message is sent to all your recipients simultaneously. Once you have signed up the interface is businesslike and easy to navigate and, while the service isn't free, you will find it somewhat cheaper than a high street version. It's simple to create your list of recipients and begin your marketing campaign and the SimplyCast tool will do the rest. You only pay for messages that connect.

SimplyCast is a very professional looking company with a very classy looking marketing tool. Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and taking away the need for the manual feed will save plenty in time and money (and paper, if it comes to that.) It can only cost you about 2 cents per fax so it's a pretty cheap way to get your message across.

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