Developer description

Singapore Money is a graphical reference app about Singapore currency and economy.
Its points of strength are:
• Multi-layered infographics about top 10 Singapore’s industries, illustrating development of the unique state over last 20 years
• Comparison of performance with a few other countries (Hong Kong, Australia, Finland)
• Animated intro about economic domains on an interactive map
• Collection of banknotes: orchids, birds, ships, portraits are main four series, which were in use since Singapore independence (1965).
• Clear image of each banknote, sketches and description of the objects, depicted on it.
• Description of notes provides some historical or entertaining facts which enlighten a user and gives a good overview what Singapore is about.
• Graphical presentation of government spending
It includes the following modules:
• a wallet full of money, pictures, original graphic sketches and stories
• an animated map of Singapore’s industries
• a unique infographics about last 20 years of economic of Singapore
• a cashboard to see what generates money in Singapore and where money is spent
The app is for those who:
• likes beautiful graphics
• is a fan of different currencies
• is going to move to Singapore
• wants to know more about this small, but so successful state
• lives in Singapore and wants to impress friends with some new facts
• want to share nostalgic memories with grandparents;
• want to teach children about their beloved city in a fun and interactive way

Last updated 29 May 2012