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Effortlessly find and order the perfect bottle every time with Sippd, your AI-powered personal sommelier at home.

Sippd connects to to provide you with your personal Taste Match score to more than 40,000 wines! Your Taste Match indicates how much you’ll enjoy each wine— the higher the score, the more you’ll like it.

Sippd uses AI to provide you with highly personalized wine recommendations. By leveraging your history of wine orders and reviews to refine your taste profile, we improve your wine buying experience and provide unbiased reviews, tasting notes, and more.

Wanting the perfect wine for the perfect occasion? Filter your top Taste Matches by varietal, price, food pairing and more to order the best wine for your needs.

Can't seem to remember a wine that left you in awe? Keep track of all the wines you’ve ordered and rated with your personal wine list- so you’ll never forget the wines you love again.

Find your next favorite wine with Sippd.

★ Getting Started is Easy
1. Choose the wine styles you like
2. Unlock your Taste Match by rating 3 wines
3. Browse by Taste Matches on to find the best wines for your tastes
4. Order wine for your palate, sip and rate

As you rate more wines, Sippd learns more about your preferences and improves the accuracy of your matches.

Last updated 5 Aug 2020

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