Developer description

Cleveland isn't know for its Tech/Startup scene. So over the past couple of months, a few of my buddies decided to start a Meetup ( Startup Slam Cleveland ) with the goal of changing this perception. Yes, this is a huge endeavor. Changing anyone's stereotype of a city is pretty ambitious, but we decided that something, no matter how small, should be done. Eventually, we turned the Meetup into a mirco incubator ( Blazooka ) with the long term goal of growing the incubator on a larger scale. To start out we decide to build something that could, in the loosest of terms, become a viable product. It was more important to launch something quickly then to sit around and not make any decision at all. We threw around a lot of ideas and choose to do a Siri Humor site for our first project.
The decision was made on a lot of factors, primarily being: - The idea was simple and it could be launched relatively quickly. - There is competition for this niche, but we felt that we could make a better product. - The idea could, and eventually should, be turned into a mobile app. - The site can make money with custom Siri quoted T-Shirts, ads, and any potential income from a mobile app. - The three founders could all help develop it. With that said, and with a lot of hard work launched in public beta on Feb 1st.
We are excited, but we also realize that there are a lot of features that still need developed and there are some bugs in the system; but overall the main functionality of the site should work. Getting it launched, since launching anything can be very difficult, was the primary goal. Now, it might be ironic that we made a humor site, especially when outsiders throw Cleveland jokes around like its their job. But we don't take ourselves too siriously, so we'll just roll with the punches for now. And hopefully, one day, with a lot of hard work, our Cleveland incubator Blazooka, will be taken seriously as well.
We're in it for the long haul!

Last updated 6 Feb 2012