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Sirved is a restaurant discovery tool that focuses on helping people find restaurant menus. ... More

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Published 25 Jun 2019

Have you ever watched one of those cooking shows like Anthony Bourdain on TV and seen him served an amazing delicacy that you've never heard of or seen before? He's probably in some tiny bar high up in the hills of Vietnam or somewhere like that and it's a local chef cooking up something delicious for him. The dish looks absolutely amazing and Tony is going into raptures about it. Boy, you would love to try it. You'd try to create it yourself but you don't think you have the skills and it might be a little difficult to find the ingredients in your local 'hood. The next best thing is to find a restaurant that serves it…and serves it well. 

You could check out all the Vietnamese restaurants for a start. Surely, that'll be pretty easy, wouldn't it? Just jump online and scroll through each restaurant's menus. Unless you're damned lucky, however, that could take up the rest of the day. But hang there's a much easier way of finding out if anyone serves up that Vietnamese delight. Sirved is a free iOS, Android and web restaurant discovery app that connects diners with their favorite food menus wherever they are in North America. 

As any foodie knows only too well, there's a squillion restaurant discovery apps online. But what makes Sirved so different to the rest is its powerful, menu-based search engine. This app...