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Sitespotter helps you to parse long lists of deleting and expiring domain names from top ... More

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Published 15 Jun 2011

Whether you’re looking for a website for your business or you’re in the business of flipping websites (buying expired domains just to turn around and sell them for a profit), Sitespotter is an invaluable domain name finder tool.

You can choose between a number of PreRelease and Pending Delete lists from NameJet, or upload your own list to parse.  The parsing process itself is fast, once you choose your options like minimum and maximum letters and whether to search for .org/.net domains as well. Deleted domains do not retain their age, while PreRelease ones do.

After your list is parsed, you can choose to acquire other information like Pagerank, Alexa rank, and DMOZ.

As a bulk pagerank checker it’s thorough, if a bit time consuming… took about 30 minutes to check pagerank for a decent sized list.  After you run the bulk pagerank checker up to 5 green bars will show up to the left of each site, corresponding to its pagerank.


Then you can choose to check age for each domain on the list, which also took about 30 minutes to run.  As that runs, you’ll start seeing the year each site was created pop up to the right of each domain. 

After that, it’s time to run the DMOZ tool, which takes about the same length of time as the others.  If a domain is DMOZ listed, it will be outlined in green with a green checkmark on the right side of...