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Developer description

Skeebdo is a beautiful mobile app that improves your English vocabulary based on any movie/TV show. Skeebdo tailors the learning system to your knowledge level and teaches relevant unknown words. With flashcards, gamified exercises, spaced repetition and an increasingly challenging experience, Skeebdo ensures that you memorize words for the long-term.

Key features:
★ Learn English words from 200,000 movies and TV shows
★ Practices and courses are tailored to your English level
★ Improve your English vocabulary from beginner to expert level
★ Learn how to pronounce words
★ Reinforce learning with various activities such as flashcards and quizzes
★ Track your progress
★ Skeebdo forces you to learn the same words again from time to time to make sure you memorize them for the long term
★ Personalized learning: You define how many English words you want to learn every day, from what content and at what English knowledge level.

No matter what your native language is, you can learn English with Skeebdo.

Last updated 5 Mar 2021

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