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A simple notebook to keep all your stuff in

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Published 6 Mar 2013

[cont'd] the tools to write, draw, erase, add text and recolor your design. You can add photos, maps and web pages into your sketches as well as being able to draw on them too. Change your background and you are done. You can easily save your notebooks or email them to friends. With Facebook and Twitter built into the app, sharing your work with your social friends is as easy as a couple of clicks.
When the developers were putting this app together their main objectives were to make it easy to use, functional and flexible. There isn't too much flash about SketchWorthy, it's design is fairly basic with all the emphasis being on making the notebook neat, tidy, productive and manageable. this makes it a very user friendly addition to the notebook family and one that is more likely to be used rather than just downloaded onto your iDevice and then forgetting all about it. At around two bucks SketchWorthy is a great notepad app that you can keep in your pocket and manage all your notes and ideas without them spilling out all over the place the way my Dad's stuff often did.