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SKETS by MelMar Trust is one of best Drawing Apps available on App Store. In short, we call it a ... More

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Published 28 Jan 2014

Any artistic types out there looking for a cool looking iOS drawing app should probably have a good look at this one. SKETS is a very simple and sleek app that lets you takes your artistic skills with you on the road. While I guess you could take a sketch pad and pencils with you wherever you go, SKETS let's you create beautiful artwork right there on your iDevice. Providing a full range of canvases, colors and blenders as well as pens, pencils and erasers, this easy-to-use yet powerful app is one of the better free drawing apps in the App Store right now.
SKETS let's you draw, sketch and create awesome and beautiful art from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The developers, MelMart Trust - who were responsible for the excellent art magazine app called Art n Flair - like to think of the app as like having a canvas in your pocket. You can take it anywhere your iPhone goes and even capture your brilliant ideas and inventions as they take form in your mind. SKETS is great to doodle around with as you commute to work, while you are waiting for your flight to take off or whenever you have a bit of spare time. You can even change the way you take notes by scribbling them down in your own handwriting using the beautifully smooth pen tool. Then you can easily share your awesome art, ideas and notes with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. The app features pens, pencils and erasers as well as a color selector with 12 different colors and a canvas selector with 6 different canvases. Of course, everything can be tweaked a little and you can change the opacity of colors to suit your individual needs.
Amazingly enough, there aren't heaps of good free drawing apps available for iOS but this one is definitely one of the better ones. Probably the best thing about it is it's pure simplicity. There aren't many flashy bells and whistles with SKETS - it's just a simple and easy to use app that comes with its own inbuilt pen and pencils and a few other odds and bods. But that's where it's beauty really lies. It features a very clean and clear interface and allows you to make surprisingly sharp and detailed drawings that can be easily shared with your favorite social network. The app is basically free but there's a very useful blender tool available as an in-app purchase for less than a buck. As drawing tools go...this one is a good one.

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