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If you build the ski park...they will come

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Published 21 Aug 2013

Judging by the number of people that play games on Facebook, it's safe to assume that there are a lot of people who are looking for an addictive little time waster of a game to keep them occupied for a bit. And while games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds have been leaders in the genre for a while now, there is always a market out there for strategy games like this one. Ski Park for iOS and Android is a beautifully detailed game that manages to combine two hugely popular gaming genres and puts both city builder and the finding of hidden objects into one entertaining and fun game. In fact, Ski Park has proven so popular that this free theme park-style game has charted in the top ten strategy games in over twenty different countries since its release.

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Ski Park combines two of the most popular gaming genres for this new game for iPhone, iPad and Android. First up there's the 'city builder' genre of game where you can create your very own environment and build anything from the local town hall to the Taj Mahal. This version of the genre lets you create the most wonderful ski resort that the world has ever seen and as soon as you build and crank up your ski lift the visitors will come. Build all sorts of great looking buildings and set your town against a glorious backdrop of scenic mountains. House...