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If you build the ski park...they will come

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Published 21 Aug 2013

[cont'd] your new visitors by building small chalets and luxury hotels and watch as they fill up with visitors keen for a touch of glamor amongst the mountains. Create places like entertainment centers and put on special shows so that your visitors are guaranteed plenty of fun. The second part of the fun with Ski Park begins as soon as your visitors arrive. Win interesting and unusual prizes by finding some of the mysterious looking guests and  hidden objects that are secreted all over the city. There are literally hundreds of them too, so it will take you a while to locate them all. This makes the game a long term investment - something many crave.
There is always something going on when you build your very own Ski Park resort. It proves itself to be one of the most entertaining and attractive looking games in the city / theme builder gaming genre and puts the icing on the cake with the extra task of hunting out hidden objects and people. There are hundreds of them too so you will never be short of things to do when playing. There's also a very useful 'helper' who is there to guide you with hints in case you lose the plot. I've seen friends play these games for hours and hours non-stop so I know how addictive and entertaining they can be and Ski Park excels because there is always something going on. You can even upgrade the buildings that...