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Editor's review

Published 4 Oct 2011

For ski bums out there this is a fun site and one to help you get the atmosphere going before you actually hit the slopes even if you’re not planning on buying new equipment. If you are in the market for some new skis though check it out.

Like golf clubs, you shouldn’t be buying skis based on how they look in a picture. You really need to find out if they’re going to do the trick based on your ability and physical condition and hopefully raise your game as well.

Enter your name, height, weight and gender into the search function and it will ask you for the level you consider yourself to be. Tell the truth, you don’t want to end up with a recommendation for a pair of skis suited to icy vertical drops when all you intend to do is cruise the groomed pistes or leave them propped up outside the bar for most of the day!

You’re then asked what type of ski interests you, with drop boxes to give guidance, and a sliding scale indicator allows you to show the percentage of time you intend to spend on differing terrains.

Once this information is entered the system will come up with a selection of suggestions, each one indicating in percentage terms how close it is to being a perfect match for your particular details.

By clicking on the selections you can read a description of the skis and see their technical data. In a lot of cases you can actually watch a short video where a skier of a decent standard tries them out and reviews them. And they’re not all glowing reviews either.

It goes without saying that the site has links through to ski suppliers where you can buy online and is obviously a good marketing tool for the industry. Having said that the site does give you a wider picture of the products than you’d get from just looking at a catalogue.

Whether or not you buy through the site it will give some useful pointers and help narrow down your search. With the information to hand you can then decide if you’d like to touch and feel a real pair before parting company with any cash.

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