Developer description

Skilltize ( a start-up based in Finland that provides live online learning via a virtual classroom. We want to combine the flexibility of learning online wherever and whenever you want with the human aspect of learning. Therefore we work together with teachers from around the globe that offer their lessons through our platform. For language learning we choose only qualified and experienced teachers that must first prove their teaching skills via trial online learning lessons and by attending regular training sessions provided by the Skilltize team.

Users can either book personal one-on-one lessons from the teachers’ calendars or learn together with others in a Group Course. We want to offer both teachers and students as much freedom in learning as possible while still guaranteeing a high level of quality. That is why teachers decide which courses they want to offer on Skilltize making our offer much more interesting and diverse than what you would find elsewhere. Also students have their say in what is offered on our platform. They can contact Skilltize or teachers directly to suggest courses they would like to study which we will work to make possible.

Lessons take place via the live Skilltize Virtual Classroom where instructors present their lessons using a combination of text, voice and video chat. Along with screen sharing and a virtual whiteboard. Skilltize lessons are both engaging and interactive. To ensure the best learning experience during group courses we limit the number of participants to a maximum of six.

In addition to languages since February 2014 we also began offering one-on-one tutoring for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other Natural Sciences. Tutoring offers students the possibility of improving their skills with the opportunity to choose from several experienced tutors located around the world.

Last updated 23 Feb 2014