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Skimzee is a free web app that combines summarization technology with social media search and ... More

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Published 16 Dec 2012

Let me just say that it was barely half an hour into my toodling around with this social news application that I totally fell in love with it ... hook, line and sinker. So what was it that set my heart a flutter you ask? Well, Skimzee is a wonderfully simple to use, news and social media aggregator that not only gathers news on damned near every subject under the sun but also scans your favorite social networking feeds to find the latest news and opinions on your search subject. Now you may well say that that's a lot of information for one person to take in but this is where Skimzee plays its masterstroke by offering a summary of the stories that you can investigate with a single click.
Skimzee is a free web app that combines summarization technology, a social media search and a thorough web feed aggregation to deliver comprehensive results to your search query.  It acts as the single point of contact for subject searching as well as the aggregation of all your favourite articles and lets you view each of them in a concise summary. You can search all your favorite social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook as well as general web pages, news sites, YouTube and Wikipedia. Just click  on the "view summary" icon in any search result will give you a summary of the page for that link - all without having to navigate away from the Skimzee page. If a...