Developer description

Skribit is a user-generated content suggestion widget for blogs. Effortlessly assemble what your readers really want to hear.
Have a blog? Ever run into a persistent case of writer’s block? Ever wonder if your community is really interested in what you are writing about?
What if we told you there was a solution available to remedy the above and more?
The solution is Skribit.
The Skribit widget offers a revolutionary way to take the pulse of your readership and access a never-ending stream of topics. By adding the tool to your blog, you have the ability to let your readers post suggestions about what they want to see.
The community votes on suggestions in the “What’s Hoppin’” section. Voila! The community is engaged and ideas are delivered to your proverbial doorstep wrapped in a big red bow.
You can also test drive some of your own ideas by posting them in “What’s Hoppin’”. It’s an instant way to see which of the thoughts rolling around in your brain connect the most with your readers before you commit to writing the post.
The system is easy to manage and non-intrusive for you, the blogger. Just one easy application install and the content rolls in. From a simple interface, you can manage suggestions and gauge interest in a variety of topics.

Last updated 15 Mar 2010