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Published 19 Mar 2013

Staff training and evaluation used to be a quite labor-intensive and time consuming activity and generally used to involve bringing in people from outside the business who were trained in the process. This is disruptive for your staff as well as being somewhat costly. While this may be fine for multinationals it doesn't necessarily suit the budget of the smaller organization. SkyPrep is a new cloud-based, online LMS (Learning Management System) application that is designed to train and test your employees simply and easily. Upload all your source material, create tests and discover how your employees understand your business or work concept.
SkyPrep's tag line is "LMS without the Mess" and this online training software delivers elearning in spades and makes training productive and easy.  It lets you train and test your employees with simplicity by uploading documents and materials that you already have in your possession. This material can include instructional videos, Word documents and PDF and PowerPoint presentations. Then you can create online courses and tests in minutes to quiz your employees understanding of the material. All your source material and created  examinations are stored safely in a pool of content and can be used in any of your courses. Creating a course is simple and user-friendly and you can just drag and drop the different elements you need from the source material to add to your examinations. Creating courses only takes a few minutes and its simple to add users to the platform and track their progress. As a final note, it is also possible to monetize your training services within the app. You can easily create courses and tests which others can use for their own training and you get paid via PayPal
SkyPrep is a cloud-based LMS that gives you all the tools to create cost-effective online training courses and tests. It was created back in 2008 when the developers realized that nothing like it existed online. This simple yet powerful LMS  works for everyone from the lone tutor right through to businesses of 1000 or more. For businesses it uses owned source material to create tests and courses to evaluate their employees. This source material can also be made into online learning courses that others can sign up to - monetizing your source material and making it even more cost effective. With over 10,000 signed up already to SkyPrep's training software they have to be considered as one of the leaders in their field.

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