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Published 28 Oct 2012

[cont'd] as most of them discard formatted text. The beauty of this application is in its cut and paste simplicity and the fact that you can use your symbols and emoticons across many different applications though it is designer primarily for your social networks. Each symbol represents only one character meaning that you can save space - a great feature for Twitter fans. i2Symbol covers nearly all world alphabets and numerals and can be used as a virtual keyboard for typing all languages, accent marks and diacritics. 

While it appears at first that this emoticon and symbol application is a very basic one it is one of those apps that not only does what it does very well, it also delivers a fair bit more than one expects it to. Twitter fans will love it because each symbol represents just one character - taking up much less of your 140 characters than words would. Sleek Emoticon Editor is a simple, easy, free and safe route to securing symbols to personalize your messages wherever you are.

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