Developer description

The Sleep Radio app has been developed specifically for people who crave sleep and relaxation. It plays soft, ambient and non-invasive instrumental music 24/7 with no adverts, no station IDs and no annoying announcers. The app features:

- Ability to listen in to the live audio feed from anywhere!
- On demand content (podcasts) about sleep-related issues.
- Song titles and artist details as songs play with optional "Click to buy" function.
- Album cover graphics.
- A fantastic sleep timer that you can set to avoid a flat battery in the morning.
- A built-in wake-up alarm that you can set.
- Station Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds in real time.
- Ability to make song requests
- Ability to contact us.

It's also FREE and is available for all Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

Last updated 4 Apr 2017