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Published 13 Apr 2012

Sleep Time is the latest in an series of health and fitness apps for iPhone developed by Azumio that includes Instant Heart Rate, Stress Test and Stress Doctor. This impressive set of health tools was developed in conjunction with both Stanford and University of California and has been a huge hit the world over in terms of great health and fitness applications. Sleep Time is a beautiful looking and easy to use app that analyzes sleep patterns to allow you to wake up refreshed and well rested.
Sleep Time was developed using proven sleep science in conjunction with Stanford University to create a best-in-class, proprietary algorithm that analyses your sleep cycles. Azumio's fourth health related app in their excellent wellbeing series has already hit number 1 on health and fitness charts in several countries and made the top 50 paid apps list in the US. Sleep Time works by using the sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone to detect subtle movements you make during the night and graphs your sleep cycles. Everyone goes through a number of deep sleep and light sleep phases during the night.  Depending on the phase you are in when you are woken, you either feel relaxed and rested or tired and irritable.  Sleep Time monitors your sleep phases and will alert you by setting off your alarm at the perfect moment and you will be awoken during your lightest sleep cycle ensuring you feel great every morning.
Sleep Time is an alarm clock that monitors and analyzes your sleep cycles to wake you up feeling fully rested and relaxed. It saves your sleep data and displays a detailed sleep graph and statistics for every night you use it. Azumio's other apps have all been very well received and I can't see Sleep Time proving to be any different. It's clean and good to look at, it's simpler to use than you could possibly imagine and there's even a free version. It’s another fine way to look after your body. What's not to like?

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