Developer description

"SlickOffice Cloud Billing Software/Online Document Workflow Software

Online billling software for small business. Dedicated to blue collar service providers/workforce.
Easy manage, invoicing, purchases, expenses and payments.

Cloud CRM Software

Comprehensive customer management through to quotation and then invoicing. Includes active collaboration with your trusted accountant.

Cloud Payments Software

Receive payments from your customers through quotes and invoices, also use receipts, orders.

/Accessible Online, Anytime, Anyplace

Share Information with your Accountant

/Service Provider/
Send and Manage Invoices Online
Send and Manage Quotes and Estimates
Create Reports in an Instant
Record Payment and Print It
Track Payments Online & On-Time
Schedule Your Task
Create Workorder Quickly
Find Partners and Enter Their Data
Manage Current Customer Contacts

/Feature Request
Get involved into new feature ceation/Add your valued opinion to future innovations"

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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