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Filter all your social networks and never miss an important Tweet

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Published 31 Jul 2013

[cont'd] efficiently, all from one place. You can customize your feed to receive more or less updates from your contacts. Keep up with popular stories by viewing the most liked and commented posts, pictures and tweets so you never miss out again on the important stuff.  Slim sends daily updates to your app or email so you don't miss important events in your colleagues, friends and family's lives.
TechCrunch described Slim as a “good way to stay on top of what’s happening (in your social networks) even when you haven’t had time to check yourself”. This innovative and easy to use iPhone application goes someway to solving our information overload problem. Slim keeps you in touch with the stuff that you need to know from your favorite social networks, leaving you to check the rest on your own. It finds and alerts you to things like birthdays and anniversaries from your closest friends. Unlike the many other filters available, Slim differs slightly in that it is geared towards the business user and is designed so that you never miss that important Tweet or Status Update ever again.