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SlugBooks is designed to do one thing - save you money on your textbooks. Simply tell SlugBooks ... More

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Published 22 Dec 2011

If you are planning on continuing your education next year then you are going to have to think about books. Text books. They can be pretty expensive, can't they? So a bit of pre-planning is required to get the books you need and still have enough to eat and pay the rent. SlugBooks could well be the answer to your problems. Find your textbooks now! This rather useful and intelligent education app offers you the chance to tell them which school and classes you are taking so they can not only tell you which books you are going to need for your course but also tells you where you can get them at the lowest cost.
SlugBooks is designed to do one thing and that's to save you money on your textbooks.  Simply tell SlugBooks which school and classes you are taking for the 2012 Spring semester and Winter quarter and this rather clever app will tell you which books you will need. Not only that but they will also supply you with comparisons of prices of new and used copies of these books at your college bookstore,,, rentals at and, digital options through Coursesmart and Amazon Kindle. Compare the bookstore's prices with SlugBooks' online purchase & rental options. Then compare prices on your textbooks between your campus bookstore, SlugBooks' student textbook exchange and online purchase/rental options. They will also even connect you with the  Facebook-powered local student exchange where you can list your books for sale to other students.  Certain textbooks also provide a free sneak peak at the first chapter which means you can begin reading even before the book arrives in a lot of cases.
SlugBooks gives you plenty of options when it comes to getting the textbooks you will need for 2012. Not only does it supply you with a listing of all the books you will require for your specific course at a specific school but it will also supply you with the cheapest way of getting them whether that be paper or online versions. They also offer you an outlet to sell the books to other students when you are finished with them. All these things are designed to save the poor beleaguered student a little bit of money which has got to be a good thing. SlugBooks is a free education app that seems to cover all the obvious bases. It's got to be worth a look if you are studying.


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