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An addictive racing game that looks so easy to play...but isn't!

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Experience the thrill and extreme challenge of the most addicting game to come along since ... More

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Published 22 May 2014

Do you know the thing that turns a good game into a great one? It's a game that looks simple enough for you to win...but isn't. All the most successful games are like that. Candy Crush Saga and Tetris as well as the Angry and Flappy Birds all come to mind. They look so darned simple that you give it a go. An hour or so later you're wondering how you haven't managed to master it yet. Another hour and you're totally addicted to it. Smack Cars is one of those games. On the face of it, what could be so difficult, you'll ask yourself? It's just a matter of switching lanes, dodging moving cars and winning the race, isn't it? Don't be fooled by this game's old school design. This racing game for iOS and Android is one that will challenge your skill and your reflexes.
We've all done it in real life - weaving in and out of traffic on a three-lane highway. It's hardly the Daytona 500 but the principal is the same. We're all trying to get from A to B before the other guy (or girl) does. The difference between real-life and Smacky Cars is pure speed and adrenaline. Smacky Cars is an addictive, thrilling and extreme racing game that has been called
"the most addicting game to come along since Flappy Bird." This incredibly easy to play - and ultra retro...