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If you happen to be using paper documents, receipts, invoices, bank statements, lecture notes, ... More

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Published 13 Apr 2014

The scanner really hasn't been utilized as well as it could as a legitimate piece of business software. We tend to use them as a peripheral device and rarely as a vital part of everyday business life. But if you are still using a lot of paper documents - whether it be receipts, invoices, bank statements, lecture notes or even the odd recipe that you want to keep for later use - its a hell of a lot easier to keep track of them if you can get your hands on a decent scanning app with some organizing abilities. Smart Document Scanner is a free Android scanning and management app that makes it easy to digitize and organize your paper trail as well as converting scans into fully editable PDF's.
Smart Document Scanner is a great new app that helps users not only scan and manage their documents but also gives the option of enhancing them through pre-defined or manual controls. It also helps users convert their scans to PDFs with a single tap. All scanned documents can be OCRed through the app - meaning that the text is recognized and can be easily extracted for editing - and consequently become instantly searchable. The camera is optimized with options for document scanning with the batch scanning mode option a big advantage for a quick multi-page scanning job. However, the feature that could swing it more than any others is that the app automatically syncs all your scans to your Google Drive account and in the same order and filing that you had them in the app. This creates a central hub for all your business and personal documents and means that you can access all of your scanned documents from any device and whenever you need them. The app features a remarkable filing system with a much better and advanced option for users. It also functions as a PDF scanner and converts your scans into PDFs that can be shared with others easily. In another unique feature, you can even export your PDFs to an SD card.
Smart Document Scanner will mostly be used as either a PDF scanner or a receipt scanner for receipts and invoices. Digitizing your paper will make it easier to track expenditures as well as giving backup receipt copies for returns, warranties, re-imbursement and tax deduction. The free version gives the user a taste of the app’s great functionality as well as it's unique intuitive user experience. The free version comes with a monthly quota of scans and annotations but the Go Premium account will set you back a mere five bucks a year. This gives you an ad free version, watermark-free PDF's, unlimited uploads to the cloud storage of your choice as well as the option to add notes and to extract and use the text in your scans through the OCR feature of the app. The app is user-friendly and easy to use and was rightly chosen as one of the top 10 apps in CES Las Vegas this year.

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