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Published 16 Dec 2011

Small to medium sized business tend to fudge their way through things on a lot of the organizational side of the business. Sometimes it seems easier to design and draw a chart on paper than to go through the whole rigmarole of spreadsheets fir your scheduling. Smart Employee Scheduling takes all of the hard work out of online employee scheduling, rosters and timekeeping. The array of tools featured give you all the armory you need to tackle payroll and invoicing issues in a simple and clear way saving you time and money.
Smart Employment Scheduling is the quick and easy way to schedule your employees online so no downloading is required and theres nothing to install. Here is a schedule and tracking business tool that delivers online employee scheduling solutions. It was designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses of between 10 and 200 employees that need to schedule and track their staff. Smart Employee Scheduling is ideal for companies that schedule many employees with many clients or have many employees across many departments. Data entry for payroll and invoicing is made simple and delivered in clear reports  enabling you to save time and money while dramatically increasing accuracy. There are also a number of extra features including being able to switch between the client's view and the employee's view.There's also a scrolling linear calendar that displays four weeks at a time. Shift rosters are simple to change and its easy to assign specific roles to employees. The entire website is protected by Verisign so it’s secure and company information stays confidential.
Full access to Smart Employee Scheduling will cost you US$40 per month - that's about $1.30 a day. For that price  this is a massively cost effective way of hosting all your payroll and scheduling needs in one place. Just work it out.The amount of time it will save you in switching between programs and working out who worked where and when will be far more than $1.30. If you are interested in streamlining the way you handle your employees and are looking for a bit of organization then it would be worth looking at. You can try it free for thirty days if you are quick.

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