Developer description

Bored with playing the same games over and over with nothing new to experience? Want to have something new? A game that's filled with suspense, sort of mystery and Brain Blasting Words associated with the pictures which are totally random and not totally visible.

Push Your Brain to the limit, while analyzing the pictures and figuring out the word which is associated with the picture.
The word might be anything related to whats in the picture or some behavior/object/feeling related to the picture...
You can remove the tiles to reveal certain parts of the picture to facilitate your guess as to what is the answer. you may also click on hint, to show one letter of the answer. However, use your Hints and tile removing decisions carefully, as they cost you diamonds!

It takes a really smart brain to figure out the factors associated with the pictures and come out with the answer. Some picture puzzles are easy. Some puzzles are hard. Prove yourself to your friends by solving as much as you can!!!

Puzzles contain random pictures hidden beneath tiles with only a certain portion visible, which can help you find out the answer to the puzzle, however not all pictures can be answered by looking at the visible portion of the puzzle. Sometimes you've to remove some tiles to see the remaining portions of the puzzle and guess the answer.

Let's see how smart you are.
Good Luck!

Last updated 9 Nov 2015