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Is your child struggling in school or having difficulty paying attention? If your answer is "yes" then you need to discover how your child is smart. Smart Spark is the cutting edge solution using brain science to help you discover how your child learns best, and allows you to easily share this knowledge with teachers, family, and mentors.

The Smart Spark app is a simple yet powerful tool for parents to help their children (and themselves) understand what they need to think, learn, and communicate most effectively. Smart Spark also includes a powerful platform so you can easily share how your child learns best with teachers, coaches, tutors, or anyone who works with your child. The process is ideally targeted at parents or guardians with children age 7-13, though it will work with younger children as well as older teens with some discretion and explanation.

Immediate benefits:
• Help your child excel in school: improved focus and memorization, easier learning.
• Homework is made easier when you, teachers, and your child understand their natural process.
• Improved self-confidence and self esteem. Smart Spark helps build an "I can do that!" attitude.
• Allows easy effective communication within your family and with teachers, faculty, and other students.
Smart Spark Features:
• Engaging learning process for both you and your child to discover your Mind Pattern: the order of information you each need to think and learn best.

• SmartWired’s strength-based approach to learning helps you focus on and utilize what is right about your child, not try to “fix” what is wrong. Smart Spark helps your child discover his or her learning "Super Powers."

• Clear, concise, usable learning profile with helpful tips to maximize what brings out your child’s best.

• Easy ability to share your child’s best learning method with teachers, coaches, tutors, or other family members in our exclusive “Smart Passport.”

• Gather comments and feedback from those who know your child best to keep building your child’s Smart Passport as he/she grows and progresses, from class to class, year to year.

Last updated 25 Sep 2015

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