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SmartFile is a business file sharing web application that enables everyone to more securely ... More

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Published 19 May 2014

There are times in business when we need absolute and total security when sharing files with colleagues and interested parties. Some files, like patient data, is even enforceable by law under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) so a totally secure method of transfer is essential. Any company that deals with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all the required physical, network and process security measures are in place and followed auditing. SmartFile is a fully customizable, file sharing and management application for business that let's you share, manage and control files online with robust security. It fully complies with all security principles and that your customer guidelines will require.
SmartFile is a business file sharing web application that enables everyone to more securely share, manage and control files online and offers the best and most robust file access permissions and custom user roles for added security. Activity logs for user and file actions are kept in a perpetual log for HIPAA compliant auditing.  Email notifications, virtual folder links, secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access, and AD/LDAP integrations also add time saving tools to IT departments.  The app uses an easy to use custom branded interface that is accessible from any device and on any web browser through a responsive design.  SmartFile is built on an API that is available to everyone through open-source SDKs.  SmartFile also has an available on-premise appliance for companies that want to control file sharing behind their network firewall. This user-friendly app means that you won’t need to provide step-by-step instructions to clients to access information anymore.
SmartFile is a cost effective, very reliable and secure way of sharing sensitive files online as well as having a few excellent bonus features to make business life a little easier. Files can be shared easily, quickly and directly without having to go through the rigmarole of getting your IT department to request a new user set up. You can use it as your online file management tool and fully customize it with your company logo, company colors and domain name and send, receive, archive, host and share files no matter where you are. Manage securely both your files and users without the need to install anything on your computer and use the very powerful permissions protocol to decide who can view and collaborate with them. Since it's inception in 2009. SmartFile has served thousands of companies from Fortune 500ers to one-man operations and helped share millions of files in over 140 countries. It’s one of the easiest ways available to securely move big data from one person to another.

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