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Developer description

SmartPixel screen recorder is one of the best free Android game recorder which helps mobile gamer easily capture, edit, upload and share HD quality mobile game videos to their YouTube channel as well as social networks.

SmartPixel has the following features:

▶ Powerful Compatibility

Perfectly supports Android game recording on Android device above 4.0. SmartPixel can always help to capture each exciting gameplay moment on the screen.

▶ HD video recording

SmartPixel provides video recording with different qualities up to 720P, you can set definition according to your actual need based on the mobile hardware condition.

▶ Audio sync

In addition to the audio on the mobile screen, SmartPixel screen recorder also supports microphone audio capture, which is perfect for you to comment while playing games.

▶ Super fluency recording

SmartPixel screen recorder provides advanced recording technology to ensure you capture screen fluently with HD quality based on your smartphone hardware condition.

▶ Free cloud storage service

SmartPixel work with GoPlay together to provide mobile gamer free and stable cloud storage and video play services, you can upload your mobile game videos to GoPlay cloud at anytime and do not have to worry about the videos occupy too much RAM resources.

▶ One click share

SmartPixel screen recorder integrated social network APIs together for gamer to share the mobile game video to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with one click while video uploading. Great gameplay moments can be shared with your friends and fans at ease.

For most Android devices below 5.0, they need to be rooted to authorize screen recording app to record the screen, however, most Android users do not aware how to root their phone and they worried about the security issues of their privacy. SmartPixel released a one click authorization tool to help them easily authorize screen recording without root the phone.

Last updated 10 Oct 2015

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