Developer description

With smartsays, the outstanding free game app especially created for the smartwatch Moto 360, fans now can enjoy the homage to the famous 70’s game Senso. Equipped with high quality design and a detail orientated functionality, smartsays fulfills high aesthetic requirements and enables a sophisticated joy of use. Fans of the original game will love the app as well as ambitious gaming friends born after the 70’s.

smartsays is an addicitve action memory game exclusively released for Moto 360, enjoyed by clever players around the world with fast, colourful and satisfying brain challenges. Referring to the original worship game, player is dared to keep in mind a random succession of colours and repeat it from memory. Every round, one colour sequence is added. Velocity increases with difficulty level. Player trains his brain quickly and can choose between three different game modes and degrees of difficulty to be rewarded with points and achievements.
In addition to the classic game mode, player is challenged in arcade mode by haphazardly colour successions that speed up with every round. Beginners start with memory mode which demands the repetition of an unvarying sequence. By winning a round, player collects points and can gain several achievements with the aim to become “master mind” finally.
Though being the first game app published for Moto 360 only, smartsays fascinates with an outstanding look and feel regarding design and handling. High resolution graphics as well as comfortable and precise handling guarantee a maximum of gaming fun for Moto 360, any time and any place. Considering the challenges of game development for smart watches, smartsays sets a milestone in smartwatch games by providing a brilliant package of performance and design – addiction guaranteed.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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