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Smash the chefs and dont get egg on your face with this addictive game

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Features ○ 8 Amazing Powerups to unlock ! ○ Various Enemy types including BiggBoss ! ○ Chose ... More

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Published 5 May 2013

Does anyone really know why games like Angry Birds take off to the extent they do? It certainly wasn't for its cutting edge graphics or for its scintillatingly complicated gameplay, that's for sure. Smashing Egg Tido is a new arcade-style game by developer JaiZee and Gamesutra that throws itself into the ring as the next fun and addictive game for iOS. Tido is a colorful animated egg character who spends his time finding ways of trying to prevent being turned into a tasty omelet by various chefs. Collect points, add power-ups, pick up items as you go and beat your friends to the top of the world leaderboard.
Smashing Egg Tido is a high-octane and vibrantly engaging game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that puts you firmly behind the controls of Egg Tido as he scrambles to keep himself together by smashing his enemies and escaping the clutches of evil chefs who are determined to turn him into an omelet Deliciously addictive and thoroughly original, the game features adjustable speed settings to accommodate any age group and eight great power-ups to keep things fresh. It uses wickedly innovative gameplay action and cool looking graphics to keep you wanting to play....just one more game. Smashing Egg Tido! offers two game fields for you to choose from - grass or ice - but there is little difference between the two apart from the scenery. Egg Tido tries to avoid the chef’s attacks while trying to get the upper hand and doing some smashing himself. You will have to square off against the game’s central villain - Bigg Boss - and have to pull out all the arcade skills that you can muster. Your reaction times will be set for the ultimate test. The game features an in-depth gameplay tutorial, gesture and touch based control layouts and three gameplay modes - slow, medium or fast - to ensure that novices can have as much fun as diehard mobile arcade enthusiasts.
One of the major selling points of Angry Birds was its utter simplicity. This gave users the chance to pick the game up whenever they liked and play it on the train, bus or even at the dinner table. Smashing Egg Tido is a ridiculously simple game that is good for all gaming ages. It features simple gameplay and destructive smashing of chefs before they get the chance to turn you into breakfast. You get points each time you smash a chef and can use those points to unlock extra power-ups which keep the game constantly stimulating. This simple, addictive and kid-friendly game needs quick reflexes and use the items that you pick up along the way to smash the chefs, climb the leader board and beat your friends.

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