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Published 5 Jan 2012

Smivi just seems to make the whole video search caper so much easier than many others. This online video search engine manages to search and organize all your specific video watching needs in one place and allows you to share and discuss your favorites with your friends in a very social way. Search all over the web for great videos in the most specific of ways giving you far more structured results. Then engage your friends in live chat and place comments on postings.
Smivi aims to improve the video search experience by bringing you fast and relevant search results. Finding the videos you want through the hundreds and millions of videos over the web can be a tall order. But Smivi's clever and intuitive video search engine could become the online destination for all your video needs. It allows you to search for videos from all over the web via its powerful and fast search engine and engage your friends by commenting/live chatting with your online social network in its video. It's many features include a categorical search  function that allows you to specify which categories you wish your search to take place in. The categorical search feature allows you to fine tune your results however you want. All you have to do is to bracket your search with speech marks (" ") and your search will become way more specific. You can search for news on a specific person or event with the emphasis on different...