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Published 1 Feb 2012

Don't panic! This isn't a license to spam. There are times when you might need to send bulk SMS messages to your staff members and customers to let them know the state of the union, so to speak. SMS Message Sender lives up to its name in that it's a free application that let's you send as many text messages as you like to anyone and do it wit total anonymity, if you like.
By using SMS Message Sender you can send text messages to anyone anywhere from your computer and send them totally anonymously any time of the day or night. Once you have registered your free account all you really have to do is to purchase SMS credit bundles. You can also send SMS via their gateway from inside your application or website. Whether you want to send your message to one individual or an entire uploaded list its simple to set up with up to 459 characters per message if you have that much to say. Replies are sent back to your handset for free. Text messages will cost you as little as  4.1p each with nothing to setup and your messages are sent  instantly. Text bundles can be purchased for less than £2.  You only pay for the text messages that you use and your SMS credits never expire! You can send your SMS's to over 190 countries including the UK to any business or individual using this powerful service.
Quite simply, this SMS messaging application will save you money and time if you are sending bulk messages to any individual or business the world over. Well, I say the world over, but with over 190 countries thats pretty well all the big one's covered.  The only thing you have to do is to buy SMS credit bundles and you are away and vine money. It's a very cheap way to send text messages and has the potential to increase your sales and brand name. SMS Message Sender is an easy to use text messaging app that works.

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