Developer description

Snaffu is an in-app bug reporting tool that streamlines the issue creation process and allows mobile app developers/testers (or really anyone!) to submit issues directly from their device. With a simple shake, Snaffu takes a screenshot, gathers logs and captures device details automatically from within your app. It streamlines the issue reporting process and opens your app up to receiving valuable feedback from any stakeholder (CEO, PM, Product, QA).
We built Snaffu to make bug reporting easier for our clients and product teams from both iOS and Android apps. We found that often users see issues in an app but don’t report them, wait to report them or have someone from QA report them. Feedback tools didn’t capture all the details we required and they were built to target end-users. We set out to make sure the teams creating apps could submit valuable bugs which can be resolved. With Snaffu integrated in your apps, everyone can submit bugs.

Last updated 18 Apr 2015