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At SnagFilms, you can watch full-length documentary films for free, but we also make it easy for ... More

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Published 7 Nov 2011

When you embed a SnagFilms widget on your website you will open a virtual movie theater and be considered what they call a Filmanthropist. SnagFilms not only let's you watch full length documentary films for free but it's also very easy to take the films and place them anywhere you want on the Internet.
Donate your pixels and support independent film! SnagFilms is a movie tool that offers advertising-supported documentary films. Filmmakers can submit documentaries for consideration as well. The site includes documentary films produced by National Geographic and PBS and titles such as Super Size Me, Life & Times of Harvey Milk, and Nanking. At SnagFilms you can watch full-length documentary films for free. As an added bonus they also make it easy for you to take the films with you and put them anywhere on the web. When you embed a widget on your web site you open a virtual movie theater and become a “Filmanthropist.” Click on any widget to learn more about that film and a related charity you can also support. SnagFilms is a movie and video share tool with a rapidly growing  library of 225 documentaries that you can browse by topic or go through the alphabet from A-Z.  You are bound to find films that resonate with your interests. Now SnagFilms is expanding to more than 50 devices  including Android and Blackberry OS, platforms as well as Xbox Live. SnagFilms is a website that offers advertising-supported...