Developer description

It is finally here! Make your iPhone your personal photographer! Amazing application that allows you to shoot unforgettable moments without you even holding the iPhone. Place your iPhone anywhere you want and Snap Clap will shoot a picture of you whenever you clap your hands. Snap Clap allows you to take pictures or make videos using the back as well as the front camera of your iPhone. The photographers will not stay anonymous anymore. Thanks to the intelligent application Snap Clap, now there is a place for everyone in the picture. Make an impression anywhere you go with this amazing app: shoot a group photo on your evening out, romantic moments with your loved ones, or yourself, but this time with all of your arms in the picture imagination knows no boundaries... It is so simple: open the app, place your iPhone wherever you want and clap your hands...and it is done!!! Your photo is ready !!! Instructions: After shooting a photo, please wait 5 seconds while your photo is being saved. Do not clap your hands more than once to shoot a photo.Continual clapping could result in errors in the application. Too much noise in your surrounding may cause incorrect functioning of application. While running the application, place your device gently and carefully. Too much noise might cause snapping the camera automaticaly and take unwanted pictures. High quality pictures can only be taken in ideal light conditions. We wish you a lot of entertaining moments and beautiful pictures with the Snap Clap application. We hope that we were the FIRST ONES to bring you this innovation, that you have been waiting for and that you hoped is going to appear in your iPhone.We will continue to improve the environment of this application and our team will work on new ideas that could be implemented. Snap Clap is compatible with following devices: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4th generation, iPad 2.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015