Developer description

Snap Homework app is an amazing tool for teachers that makes communicating with their classroom community (parents and students) easier than ever. Teachers assign homework with ease from their smart phone; simply, snap and send! Parents and students subscribe to their class to automatically receive school homework assignments, notifications and other important messages from their teacher. No more forgetting homework! No more "surprise" project due the next day that was actually assigned 2 weeks prior.
Parents are kept informed without having to check or open their email, instead receiving the notifications as instant messages to their phones. When using SnapHW teachers can avoid the dreaded sick-day or vacation packet because any absent kid already has their homework assignment at their fingertips.
The app is a simple 2 part app. 1st for Teachers. - They don't have to do any extra typing or online creating of documents etc. They simple login, take a picture of the HW they write on the board that students in class copy. After the picture, they select the Grade/Subject, add optional description and select a due date and press send. All parents in the class will get the message with the Homework assignment. 2nd for Students - They open the app, select their grade and can see the HW that was posted for the day.

Last updated 15 Apr 2015

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