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Snaphunt is an AI-driven hiring platform and cloud-based recruitment software that ensures employers find and hire the right talent for their business quickly and cost-effectively.

Snaphunt equips employers with sophisticated tools on an user-friendly interface and provide them with automations at every step of their hiring process from role definition to candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, reference checking, all the way to hire.

Snaphunt leverages decades of specialist recruitment experience and cutting-edge technology to automate many repetitive tasks related to hiring, saving recruiters time and effort while helping them identify and engage with the right talent as soon as possible. On Snaphunt, recruiters benefit from powerful automations such as: automatic job description generator, one-click candidate response management to shortlist/reject applications and update applicants real-time, unlimited one-way video interviews to screen at scale, suggested interview questions, interview scheduling with calendar integration, automated feedback collection, automated reference checking and more.

The biggest challenge most recruiters face is finding the relevant candidates for their open roles. On Snaphunt, candidate sourcing is supercharged and made easy. Simply definite the attributes of your ideal candidate using the custom job description generator and sit back as Snaphunt AI targets the widest talent pool and continuously brings you relevant candidates that are both a skill-fit and culture fit. Each application comes with a match score along with a comprehensive profile detailing their experience, skills, competencies, social profiles, psychometric assessment, salary, notice periods, etc. so recruiters have all the information to shortlist effectively.

100% enabled for virtual hiring and remote collaboration, stakeholders on Snaphunt can be assigned custom roles, review candidate profiles and video interviews, get interview support to evaluate candidates effectively, and share feedback on candidates at every stage using the structured scorecard. This not only accelerates time to hire, improves the hiring quality but also mitigates unconscious bias in interviewing and assessing candidates.

To see how Snaphunt can streamline your hiring and help you find the right talent in a snap, visit or schedule a demo at:

Last updated 13 Oct 2020

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