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Ever felt threatened or found yourself in a vulnerable situation? Would taking a quick photo ... More

Editor's review

Published 24 Jul 2015

Before we even begin this review i'd like to point out one thing. While I know it's an odd thing to say about an app that one is reviewing ... I hope none of you ever have to use SnapMail! But before you turn away and look at another shiny object I'll tell you why it could be well worth consideration to add to your plethora of iOS or Android apps. Well, for a start, If you're ever in a physically threatening or vulnerable situation, it could be the thing that saves your life. The unique SnapMail app, with its 'Take SnapMail Photo' button, allows you take a photo and e-mail it to yourself, as well as posting it to your private SnapMail website account, with just one click. With any luck, any criminals will stop their illegal activities and run away when they find out that their photo has been taken and posted in a secure (but very public) place where it can't be deleted.

If you've ever felt threatened or found yourself in a vulnerable situation, do you think that taking a quick photo of the perpetrator might save you? Hopefully, violent situations don't happen to most of us on a regular basis but there are definitely times when we put ourselves into positions where we feel vulnerable. Blind dates are a classic example where you meet someone for the first time and have no idea whether they are going to turn out to be Johnny Depp or Bill Cosby. Whether it be a potential mugger on the street, an intruder in your home, someone who could assault you or that blind date that goes wrong, you just have to point your camera phone at the person and click the big 'Take SnapMail Photo' on your screen. With a single click of the button you can take a photo of the perpetrator and automatically email it to your email address as well as storing it securely in your SnapMail website account. All photos are time stamped and date stamped as well being imprinted with a precise GPS location of where the photo was taken. If your attacker is foolish enough to continue with the crime, the chances of them being caught increases greatly if their photo has been captured with a time, date and geolocation stamp. Even if the criminal steals your phone or something worse, the photo record survives in a secure independent location. For legal purposes, its gonna be very difficult for an attacker to claim an alibi when their photo is plastered all over SnapMail.

As I said before, it would be tragic if you actually had to use an app like this one. But, as with the insurance industry, it's great to have it at your disposal if and when you need it. Unlike insurance however, the basic version of SnapMail is completely free - though there is a paid version that includes all the free features as well as texting and emailing five designated friends for extra security. This personal security app for iOS and Android has the potential to protect you against a wide range of crimes including mugging, assault, robbery, sexual assault and even murder. Hopefully, SnapMail scares attackers away or helps them to be caught before they actually commit a crime. Most will likely run and leave you alone if they know that you have captured their photograph but, if they do commit the crime, you have the best evidence to convict them.

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