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One click website backup solution.

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SnatchCode is a one click website backup solution. We help small businesses and individuals to ... More

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Published 7 Oct 2011

If you are a small business SnatchCode is a simple solution to any backup problems you may have with your website. With just one click you can forget about high priced services and complicated software with this handy domain storage tool for as little as US$7 per month for most businesses. With SnatchCode a person has to just provide his FTP details and click the “Backup Now” button in his SnatchCode dashboard and that’s it! The system will automatically fetch the users website backup and make it available for download in his SnatchCode dashboard.
SnatchCode is a one click website backup solution that helps small businesses and individuals to get rid of complicated and high price software or services. Of course there are many software programs to make website backups but they tend to have complicated instructions and can be fairly pricey for the small or medium business to absorb. SnatchCode is a simple to use platform which offers its service for free and for bigger needs it’s competitively priced. There are three pricing plans for SnatchCode. Free accounts are available where the website file size is under 1GB and users can add 1 website at a time. The Plus account is designed for medium sized businesses and individuals and features a website limit of 7GB with unlimited website adds. It is priced at a mere US$7 per month. The Pro account covers specific individual needs and is negotiable. SnatchCode provides a special feature for pro and...