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Both a unique marketing tool and a fun photosharing surprise

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snicKer is a new twist on posting cropped photos to social media.

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Published 15 Jul 2015

Rickrolling was a phrase that came about because of a unique piece of music marketing some years ago. Some genius marketer came up with a 'bait and switch' concept that provided a hyperlink being triggered when a person clicked on an interesting picture. Rather than the link taking them where they were expecting to go, it took them to a music video by British singer Rick Astley and his hit single "Never Gonna Give You Up." People who clicked were known as rickrollers. The campaign was hailed as an innovative - if rather sneaky - marketing success and had the effect of rejuvenating Astley's career. snicKer is a fun new photosharing app for Android that uses a similar - if not quite as sneaky - marketing gimmick that could also be a very useful advertising tool for clever marketers.

snicKer is a fun photosharing application that can be used to surprise your social media friends, your family or even your followers. However, that might not be the end of its usefulness. Whilst the app could be considered as fun way of sharing photos between friends, there is also a very interesting advertising opportunity here too. Smart marketing people might want to take advantage of an app that allows users to crop a photo in order to tease the viewer into clicking on it. When the photo is clicked, they are taken to the full image - and, of course, any subsequent advertising information that might come with it - in their post. Just login to...