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Both a unique marketing tool and a fun photosharing surprise

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Published 15 Jul 2015

[cont'd] your favorite social media platforms, select the image you want to use and crop it to a desired area of interest. Check the accounts you want to post on, enter your post text and click it when you are done. You can post your photos to imgur anonymously or simply login to snicKer to have complete control and to keep tabs on your images. Whats more, to make it even easier, users can simultaneously post to as many different platforms as they like. snicKer's greatest benefit is, of course, its surprise element. This lightweight posting client is a great way to avoid the barrage of alerts that certain platforms may impose on posts to social networks - inhibiting their visibility.

When it comes right down to it, snicKer allows users to post cropped photo images onto their favorite platforms - with a link to a full sized photograph. Friends and followers initially see only the cropped version of the photo but, if you are clever enough with your cropping, you can draw an emotional response big enough to get them to click the link. Then they can see the whole image and will hopefully be surprised and amazed by the full content of the package. Whether it be used to simply surprise your friends or to inform followers and potential customers of a great new deal, snicKer is a smart way to get your message across. snicKer might not turn you into the next pop sensation but it's...