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Sniff out and monitor Bluetooth devices that come into contact with your iOS mobile in your area

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Snifferton is a general bluetooth tracking software that allows a user to detect several devices ... More

Editor's review

Published 19 Feb 2022

Back in the Wild West days, the biggest law enforcement agency in the world was a company called the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. They were a private security guard and detective agency and, when things like money or gold went missing, Pinkerton's team of detectives were the people to call to get them back. They were very successful. These days, there's a new sheriff in town but they aren't looking for gold or cash. Snifferton is a new Bluetooth tracking app for iOS that is able to detect up to 5,000 devices at the same time.

This smart and powerful piece of software allows users to scan up to 100 metres radius for any Bluetooth devices that come into contact with their own mobile device and allows users to mark devices in order to monitor their activities individually. Apart from its ability to locate several devices simultaneously, Snifferton can also track certain Bluetooth devices and let users know if a tracked device is inactive or even when a new device has come within range.


Snifferton Cloud lets users track a number of Bluetooth devices from multiple smart devices and can have them sync together to easily monitor multiple locations and the devices that inhabit them. This means that you can create your own network and keep track of devices whether you are at home base or not. All you need to do is to simply pin any Bluetooth devices using your iOS device - whether it be your iPad or your iPod touch or any other iOS device - leave it at home and you can monitor it remotely using your iPhone.

You can download the basic version of Snifferton from the App Store for free but it does feature in-app purchases to make the Snifferton app even better. To encourage users to upgrade, the developers regularly offer promo offers giving users the opportunity to try out some of the extra features from the upgrade version. However, the cloud subscription will set you back a mere five bucks per month to get all the features straight off.

There aren't many iOS tracking devices out there in the app market at the moment that let you find and monitor any Bluetooth device that may come into contact with your own iOS device. It's simple to navigate your way around and very easy to use and you won't need to be a rocket scientist to make the app work for you. Rather than running as a background service, Snifferton only works when the app is active so all data is completely private and secure. It doesn't transmit, it only detects. Finally and very importantly, it also takes up and uses very little space on your system

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