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Improve your eyesight using age old techniques and modern day technology

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Natural Sight Without Glasses

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Published 29 Nov 2018

Back in the 1920's, eye care physician William Horatio Bates published his masterwork book titled Perfect Sight Without Glasses. In it, he attributed nearly all of our sight problems to habitual strain of the eyes. He suggested techniques that centred on visualisation and movement and placed particular emphasis on imagining black letters and marks and their 'movements.' While many of his theories have been criticised by 'experts' over the years, anecdotal evidence has consistently shown that there is more than a modicum of sense to his theories. Mind you, it wouldn't be the first time that 'conventional medicine' has ridiculed the work of a left of centre medical practitioner, would it?

Now, here we are, almost a century later and Dr Bates theories have been brought into the digital world via this new health and fitness app for iOS. SniperSight is a very simple, informative and fun app that aims to improve the eyesight of users and negate the use of glasses or any other optic corrective devices. And, with nearly 99% of people reckoned to be using glasses, contact lenses or other corrective measures by the time they are 45 years old, that's a heck of a lot of people who's lives could be improved with the help of this app. 

SniperSight uses modern technology - namely Apple's Cord Data API along with Swift 4 coding - to bring Dr Bates' techniques up to date and to improve the eyesight of users of any age whether they've been using glasses all their lives or have only just noticed that their eyesight is failing them. Maybe they just wear them when reading. Maybe they use them for normal, everyday life. Whatever the reason, this app can help and there's not one bit of surgery required. 

SniperSight will be of benefit to anyone who is suffering from astigmatism farsighted, astigmatism nearsighted, cataracts, cross eyes, farsightedness, glaucoma, middle age sight, near-sightedness or simple eye strain. The app delivers a series of exercises for each condition. Some may seem rather weird but have been proven to have positive outcomes over the years. Some will involve movements like 'the long swing' that involves simple body movements and may take an hour or so a day to complete. Other exercises might involves a traditional eyesight chart. This is great for people with good or fair eyesight and want to keep it that way. 

We should point out that there are several eye conditions that do need the help of an eye physician. These include organic disturbances, degeneration of the retina, the optic nerve or visual centres in the brain. However, for many, many other conditions that normally require corrective measures, glasses or contact lenses, SniperSight's unique exercises can help. If you can no longer read print at fourteen to sixteen inches from your eyes (the optimal distance) or comfortably read numbers or text on your phone, and you're in your forties or fifties (or younger and you're starting to strain) this is a warning sign. You need intelligent attention.  SniperSight may be for you. It's available for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices for under five bucks from the App Store. Not a lot to pay to keep your eyes in tip top condition, is it?

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