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Published 4 Sep 2021

Back in 2016, FlipRSS was created as an aid to content producers around the world to make it easy for them to gather together great content to send automated multi-RSS email campaigns to their subscribers. It has proven to be a godsend for many marketers. Now they've gone one step further by introducing SnipRSS to the collection.

Snip is a browser extension that is geared towards podcasters, bloggers and marketing businesses that makes it simple to gather together great content for RSS feeds with just a click. As you browse the internet you can quickly and easily collect links to videos, social media posts, podcasts and online articles that can either be shared to your own feed or saved for later perusal. You can add them in a flash to power your own RSS to email marketing campaigns.

It's all very well to connect with your followers or customers with regular emails, newsletters or blogs but you've got to keep them interested and one of the toughest challenges is to find new and interesting content to keep them happy as well as attracting new subscribers. With SnipRSS you can create and curate your own feeds while you look around the web. You can snip everything from videos, podcasts, blog posts, feed. web pages, social media posts and various other documents to use in your own feeds  Either store your snipped content for later use in your shareable RSS feeds or use them immediately to power automatic newsletters...