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Ensure that your recurring background jobs are always running

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Snooze is a for devops who run recurring jobs.
It is a monitoring service that tells you when ... More

Editor's review

Published 29 May 2013

Monitoring your online services is an area that many mistakenly take for granted these days. It is easy to assume that everything is running smoothly but, those that do use a monitoring service, rely on a service that lets them know that something has broken down. While these services can be excellent, they don't help you much if your job isn't running for some reason. Snooze is a job monitoring application for developers and operators who run recurring jobs and ensure that you know about it whenever you aren't running up to scratch - whatever the reason.
Snooze is a monitoring service for devops (developers and operators)  who run recurring jobs like rake tasks or bas scripts. Rakes are software task management tools that run in the background that allow you to specify tasks and describe dependencies as well as to group tasks in a namespace. Basically, it tells you when something is wrong with your background job. However, the difference between Snooze and many similar applications, is that the app will alert you not only when a job breaks down - it also alerts you when a job simply didn't run at all for some reason. It's known as heartbeat monitoring. Just install the Snooze gem and list whether your backround job should run each hour, each day, each week or each month and the app provides out of the box integration for any Ruby or bash scripts. Your script will now automatically snooze its alarm each time it is run. If it doesn't snooze in time, the alarm will go off and Snooze  will notify you.
Probably the most impressive thing about this job monitoring application is the fact that you can set it with the important details of the time period that your job will run and you can forget all about it. The only time you will ever have to think about it - God forbid - is if something goes wrong. You can try out Snooze free for 45 days with the basic plan but there are pricing plans that range from €15 a month for up to 5 types of 'heartbeats' right up to €150 a month with free SMS notifications and up to 100 'heartbeats" monitorable. Snooze is the all-encompassing way to make sure all your background jobs run smoothly - all the time.

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